Bouncing for Buck$

We put the fun in fundraising!

Here at Sky High Sports Woodland Hills, the “Bouncing for Bucks” programs are our way of saying thank you to all of those committed to building a better community.

Whether you have a Little League team or a national philanthropy, our fundraising programs make it easy to raise money! When you partner with Sky High Sports, there’s no need to collect money in advance, receive and distribute product purchased, or spend hours with an event committee.

Simply give us a call at 818-346-6300 and we will be happy to create a fundraising program that meets your needs and successfully engages your audience. Because hoppy-happy-healthy fun is always in demand!

We now offer two different types of fundraising programs:

FUNDRAISING EVENTS are day-long fundraisers designed to raise money for your group while your audience and followers are celebrating, connecting and engaging together in the fun activities found here. Your organization receives a portion of the proceeds from all jumpers that day who show the event flyer or identify as being with your group.

Fundraising Events are effective and fun, and we even supply you with a customized event flyer. Simply reserve your date, invite your supporters and keep a portion of the proceeds.  The share of revenue is determined in advance in consultation with you based on expected turn out, date, and other factors.

FUNDRAISING SALES put a new spin on giving back by utilizing a hot new technology. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called the internet! Our Fundraising Sales work like this:

  • We provide you with an exclusive and discounted jump time package available for purchase on a safe, secure and unique (non-public) webpage. This page is created and themed just for your fundraising sale.
  • You share this special webpage with your audience, supporters and friends – and they can then share it with their friends, and so on!
  • You keep a portion of the proceeds from all sales generated!

Fundraising Sales normally run for 2 weeks, and the jump vouchers purchased are normally valid for at least 60 days. (The purchaser never loses the face value of their purchase.) The share of revenue is determined in advance in consultation with you based on the discounted package created, your organizational size, your audience, and your needs.

Whether through a FUNDRAISING EVENT or SALE, our purpose is to provide your non-profit organization with an effective fundraising program that fosters partnership and community benefit!
Please give us a call at 818-346-6300 to discuss how we might help you reach your fundraising goals.


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