We love happy fans! Here’s what some of them told us.

Sky High is a dream come true for kids. I brought my whole youth group and they had so much fun. This place is a must for a fun time. GO!!!! James K – Los Angeles, CA 

I visited Saturday night with my friends for cosmic night! It was the coolest thing! Glow in the dark trampoline dodgeball, strobe lights, fog machines, Just Dance available to all ages! I was blown away with the creative ways Sky High can entertain todays youth! Angie P – Camarillo, CA

Today was my first time here. I brought my two kids and they had a blast! Their favorite part was dodgeball! We were at the dodgeball area almost the entire hour. The staff was super helpful and very nice. Great way to get a work out and have fun all at once. We will definitely be back! Karen H – Woodland Hills, CA

I’m here at least 3 times a week and one employee stands out from the rest. His name is Matt. It’s nice to see someone who loves their job enough to be always smiling and cheerful. This also goes for the manager, Vanessa. Jake A – Woodland Hills, CA

I visited the Woodland Hills location yesterday and would just like to say that as a father that loves sports, it was great to take my children to a place where they could have fun while I enjoyed the game. Go Bruins!!!!!!!!! Kevin R – Los Angeles, CA

My friend and I visited Sky High today! We had so much fun. All of the staff was very friendly and helpful. Overall my experience was just awesomeness! Will definitely be back. Laura M – Woodland Hills, CA

My kids and I had the very best customer service experience EVER this morning at Sky High Sports. First, we were greeted with a huge smile and “Good Morning” by our cashier, Brandyn. He then quickly registered my youngest daughter, wrist-banded the rest of us and informed us of all the rules; all with a great smile and HUGE personality. Josh S – Los Angeles, CA

Brought my munchkins here yesterday and I am more than just a happy customer. I am a happy mother. My kids were exhausted after coming here. They enjoyed themselves and had a blast!! There are trampolines literally everywhere. The set up is just right and I really liked it. The price is super fair and the kids and I enjoyed ourselves. I can surely say I will be coming here again. Sean T – Inglewood, CA

I’d like to share this review about my wonderful experience at Sky High Woodland Hills. We went Saturday and first off, the staff is very friendly. When we got to the front desk, the person helping us greeted us and got us in really quickly which was good because the kids were really excited. We decided to order some food from their Stonefire menu which I thought was pretty cool. We placed our order with one of the staff members, Jason, who was a great help. He told us that our food was going to take about 45 mins to an hour which was ok because the kids were still jumping. After about an hour passed, I asked Jason if our order was ready yet. He said “any time now” and that I should go back up to the main court and enjoy playing with my kids. A few minutes later, I see Jason bringing our food to us with plates and utensils in hand. I was very pleased that he went out of his way to bring us our food. It was excellent customer service. So overall the kids had a blast and we had a blast. Every one was very nice. We will definitely be coming back. Mieko H – Los Angeles, CA

I had so much fun with my friends here. It sounds like a kid place but it’s not. It’s amazing! Katte H – Ojai, CA

Took my sisters kids here for a day of fun and jumping and I’m very pleased with this place. I like the whole idea of there being trampolines everywhere. It’s safe and the arcade is definitely a given. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours getting them tired. Will definitely be coming here again. Jacob J – Pacoima, CA

I took my children to Sky High for the first time yesterday (from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.) for a fun afternoon of energetic play. Despite the heat in the San Fernando Valley, this giant building full of families was cool. The music was upbeat and the DeeJay was funny. Robert S – West Hills, CA

We quickly went through the line to sign up and sign in and get a few tips from the staff. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful. Off came the socks and shoes and into the big trampoline area we went. The staff were quick to watch for double bouncers (a no-no) and to keep watchful eyes on the smaller kids. I did notice an area for younger children but my boys did not want to be in that area.

We tried out the dodgeball and foam pit areas. In the foam pit, the staff were very cautious and making sure everyone waited their turn so that no one was injured.

We also met a staff member who was a Parkour instructor. He talked about the importance of warming up before bouncing around (this is exercise!).

My wife and I chose to sit in the Parents Lounge and soak up a little free Wi-Fi while waiting for our time to be up. Both kids slept quite soundly after depleting their energy for the day at Sky High.  We will be back again! Robert S – West Hills, CA

Outstanding recreation and exercise. Air-obics class is a must for anyone serious about exercise but unable to tolerate running, jogging, etc. The class will give a work-out equivalent, if not better, than any spinning or aerobics class, with minimal pain/discomfort afterwards.

Additionally, exercise on a trampoline helps the often ignored, lymphatic system, an additional circulatory system in your body which collects and slowly drains fluids.  With the help of ‘rebounding’ (the modern term for trampolining) your lymphatic system drainage will improve and you will not retain fluids, as previously.

Great program.  Great instructors.  Each class (i.e. instructor) has different areas they focus on – strength v aerobics, etc. Highly recommend to those less conditioned athletes as well as those who’ve tried it all. Daryl D – Los Angeles, CA

SKY HIGH!!! Outstanding place to be!  Lots of fun!  Great workout!! I love the staff there!  They are extremely nice and helpful 🙂 The dodgeball there is just so much fun.  If I had more free time, I would be over at Sky High more often. Mor C – Los Angeles, CA